our Awesome clients

Hi, Dr.Nebhwani was great! She provided a great diagnosis based off of the symptoms I gave her and she provide steps I should take to feel better and I am currently doing it and I actually feel way much better. Nexuscare was originally a second opinion because I felt like Kaiser medical was not giving me good information, however Dr. Nebhwani helped me out greatly, I feel really confident and happy that I came across you guys on google. And the doctor listened to me and knew exactly what kind of symptoms I was feeling. So thank you! 

Kevin Akhidenor

877 NEXUS-31

San Francisco, CA
United States

our Awesome clients

Through my work with Nexuscare, I believe that I am using my expertise to reach more patients. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I can provide this service.

Richard Woods

Nexuscare allows a patient to obtain comprehensive information that they otherwise would not have the ability to obtain due to geographic or financial limitations.

Jaden Wills

Nexuscare gives patients top notch expert advice on diagnosis and treatment but more importantly engages them in their healthcare decisions which benefits their health outcomes tremendously.

Mathew Warkar