Your Nexuscare Journey

Nexuscare is the only doctor whose job it is to help you achieve your healthiest life, on top of providing great medical care.

Our virtual clinic never closes – log in from your computer or smartphone any time of day, from anywhere in San Francisco. We’re here to help 24/7, 365 days a year.

Tell us about your symptoms, it's as easy as that. Our online questionnaire will take you through a series of questions in about 5 minutes. You may be asked to upload a photo for certain conditions. Rarely, if more information is needed, the provider may request a phone visit to complete the diagnosis.

One of our certified clinicians will review your case and respond by text or email in an hour or less with a diagnosis and treatment plan. If we can't safely treat you online, you won't be charged for your visit. Your visit may be covered by your insurance - we'll submit a claim. Any co-pay or charges not covered are billed to your credit card.